July 18, 2016

15′ JIB






The OMB Seattle Team has an amazing array of gear to bring to the table of any production. We are primarily a SONY house we do also shoot with Panansonic and Cannon. Our DP’s are well versed with shooting on RED’s and BMD URSA’s as well. Most projects are still delivered in HD but we do have the ability to film edit and LIVE Broadcast capture in 4k. UHD.

Our entire OMB Seattle team is dedicated to our craft and we posses all the professional tools necessary to deliver national quality results right here in Seattle. No need to reach out to those California guys any more. The talent and the gear is all right here in Seattle.

CAMERAS In house we have multiple SONY Cameras. FS5 A7s, A6300, A6000. Panasonic.( info coming)

JIBS  We have 2 in house JIBS. Both with remote heads. Both able to hold cameras up to 25lbs. Both can be built to multiple lengths. Max length 15 feet and 32 feet. Both complete with mo

STEDICAM. We have our own in house REAL STEDICAM. The PILOT holds cameras to about 12 15 pounds. Vest, full STEDICAM spring arms and built in mounted monitor.

DRONE. A real commercial high quality Drone and operator. Ability to watch LIVE video feed to know what you are filming. No need to do pass and check footage to see what you actually got and still need.

LIVE BROADCASTING. OMB Seattle has a complete multicam broadcasting set up. Main rack, broadcasting ability from nearly anywhere, SDI snakes, communication headsets, Cameras, adaptors, monitors and a well oiled dedicated team of professionals that has been working together since 2013. Head end rack is 4k ready. We can record 4k programing as well with a built in rack mounted Hyperdeck. Hot swappable for continuous all day recording.

LIGHTS.  Multiple complete lighting kits. Tungsten, LED. Fluorescent, Reflectors, Soft lights, diffusion.

AUDIO. Everything we need to capture excellent audio. Wireless Lavs, Shotguns, Hand held.

LENSES. Our team has an incredible selection of high quality lenses. Macro, Wide, Long, Fast, Zoom and Primes. Metabones adaptors as well. Most Cannon, some SONY and others.