July 18, 2016

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Since 2013 we have LIVE Streamed more the 600 bands and LIVE Events. 

Our talented team of creative professional excels at LIVE Broadcasts. Our core team has been working together since August of 2013 and are now a well oiled machine that can step into any situation and knock it out of the park. Broadcasting on line and on phone apps.

We have broadcast from multiple states. Washington. Oregon. Nevada. All types of venues. Clubs, Amphitheaters, Outdoor Festivals. Uploading streaming content in every imaginable way – Plugged in, wifi, cell phone hotspots. We always steam in HD. Our in depth experience has taught us 720p is the most successful  format. 1080 causes too many glitches and is not effective. We usually stream between 1.5mb and 4.5mb depending on the situation and client requirements. Anything 768kb works well on cell phones and most tablets. 2.0mb works well for most laptops. 4.0 and above works well for Large screen TV’s. Format sizes much larger are not advisable for normal situations.

We use Blackmagic switchers and head end gear and can shoot up to 9 cameras  The main broadcast rack is set up for 4k switching and recording – via Hyperdeck. We record on SSD’s and show files can be dragged directly to client Hard drive at the end of the day. We record in Prores HQ 422. File sizes can be large. approx 2 gig per minute.

We have everything we need to broadcast your event in-house. Which means no last minute rental hassles and the ability to react quickly. We have been working together for years and experienced the bulk of the pitfalls and the gotchas that inevitably show up. Those years of experience allow us to roll into any environment and have a clear proven plan of action for that environment.