July 18, 2016

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If a picture is worth a thousand words . . then a video is worth a thousand pictures.

OUR PASSION.  We have a passion for and LOVE of music and music related projects, especially creating High Quality Music Videos that get attention. We often contribute to the overall creative idea that drives the project as well as film and edit them, But OMB Seattle’s “ala carte’ approach allows you to choose which part of the process you want us to be involved in  . . .  We film in HD and 4K with primarily SONY cameras and edit with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

HAVE A CLEAR PLAN.  Having a Plan that you can afford is an important first step. Front end pre production planning contributes greatly to the overall success of the project. Being realistic about the time needed to film your idea is important as well – often requiring many takes, angles and set ups. All takes time to do properly. The proof is in the pudding and that is created in Post Production. Most Music videos take between 3 – 5 days to edit, but all projects vary and all aspects of any project should be discussed in detail and fully understood by all involved.

LIVE EDIT OR EDIT IN POST.  Your music video can be filmed LIVE as well. We can do multi camera  LIVE cuts as well as multi camera  recording of your LIVE Concert and then edited in post. We LIVE Broadcast hundreds of bands a year since 2013. Filming before and or after the event can be accomplished as well. . Insuring proper Audio recording is usually the greatest hurdle. Pro Tools multitrack remix is the ultimate.  Our standard practice is mixing a L R feed from the FOH mixer and an ambient microphone. Approximately an 80 20 mix.