July 18, 2016


One of our great loves is producing longer form video projects. Often ranging in that 3 – 10 minute category. Often shot over multiple days. Documenting projects, events or other major life/work moments.

Long form can work very well for soft sell marketing campaigns as well. Below is an example of a project we worked on for Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino in Association with ocean Shores. We delivered the project as a 4 part Blind date Reality Show taking place in Ocean Shores.

An amazing thing happens when people don’t know they are being sold something. They drop their guard, become more invested, remember much more of the content and are more open to it. Ask anyone that watches and they can tell you the name of the restaurant they ate in . . what they ordered . . what the Breakfast special is . . and they can tell you. Presented in story form and not marketing mode can be very effective . . if done well. Savvy marketers have known for years lifestyle video sells. Soft sell lifestyle works very well in todays over marketed and hyped world. Sometimes less really is more.

Let OMB Seattle assemble a talented creative team to make the most of your idea. Below are several examples of long form type projects. Tour and event recaps, Celebrity Visits and soft sell marketing. The bus transformation video to date has more then 6ok views. Thats a lot of eyes looking at your message, learning more about your company or event. Build awareness, market share, product knowledge, explain complicated issues.

And as always assemble the team you need. From a single shooter to an entire team. Just what you need without a lot of overhead and extra expense. Why waste that tight budget on office staff and other overhead encountered with most Full service production houses. OMB Seattle delivers national quality results without national sized budgets.